Working on Some Great Stuffs - Dodeka Music App

Posted on February 16, 2017
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We’ve been working on something great over the past few days, can you see what it is?

Yes, that's right - we’ve been developing our mobile App. After around a week of programming, we finally got our first running prototype!

The App includes a small virtual keyboard covering a full octave of 13 keys (from C3 to C4) and a top screen on which musical sheets and learning documentation can be displayed.

Around 12 sheet music will be made available on the App. That’s plenty of opportunities to get your bearings on the Dodeka keyboard!

We still have to work on it, but it will be soon available on the App store! So stay tuned!


- The Dodeka team

Update: October 2017

Our music app is finally out. It's called Dodeka Music and is available on the App Store for free in 4 languages. So, no more excuses. Click here, install it on your iPad and start making great music today!

To your musical success!

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