• Dodeka Music

    Learn how to play piano in just few minutes

  • Dodeka Music

    The app that makes you play piano in minutes

Learn how to play the piano

Dodeka Music is a simple and intuitive iPad App for a new generation of musicians. Learning to play the piano has never been so simple.

Dodeka Music

Simple, intuitive and 100% free.


What's in the app?

Learn the piano the smart way with Dodeka Music

Dodeka Digital Keyboard
Auto-scrolling sheet music
Easy and popular songs
Clear & logical
Extensive learning material

Available in 4 languages. For iPads only.

Web/Android version

Don't have an iPad? Try our piano app out on the HTML5 version. It also works with Android devices.

“If I had been given access to this method sooner, I would certainly have found learning music less painful and discouraging.”

Frederic Reyes, France

“The notation system you've come up with is simple yet genius. ”

Kristian Huuki, Finland

"If children were taught music in this way, they wouldn’t waste their time!"

Bob Walance, United States

Learn how to play music the fast way

Our sheet music are obvious and clear, meaning that virtually everyone can now read notes, as well as play music. Choose one of the 8 songs available in our app and start playing music in minutes.


Play straight away

With Dodeka Music, you don't have to spend weeks on music theory. Quite the opposite, in fact! With our app, you jump straight into the fun part, that is, playing a musical instrument!


Play & Enjoy

With Dodeka Music, you will impress your family and friends by playing your favourite songs in few days only.


About Dodeka

Dodeka is an innovative way to learn and play music for a new generation of musicians who is looking for simple and intuitive tools to make music. Dodeka is for everyone and works with every instrument.

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