Dodeka Music Beta Version is Finally Out

Posted on July 18, 2017

After weeks of developing, the Dodeka Music beta version is finally here!

It's now time for us to give our iPad app a first real test!

So if you'd fancy testing our new app, please sign up there. We are using TestFlight - so don't forget to give your Apple ID's email address when signing up. We will send you an invite directly to your mailbox.

We look very much forward to your feedbacks, comments and ideas!

For the others, the final version is coming soon! So, stay tuned!

- the Dodeka team

Update: October 2017

Our music app is finally out. It's called Dodeka Music and is available on the App Store for free in 4 languages. So, no more excuses. Click here, install it on your iPad and start making great music today!

To your musical success!

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