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Getting started with Dodeka music notation

Discover how Dodeka reinvents music notation and how it becomes more intuitive and less confusing to read.


How to read Dodeka sheet music?

Learn how to read pitch and rhythm on your first Dodeka score in this quick guide.


Learn and play piano with Dodeka

Find out more about the simplicity of playing scales and chords on the Dodeka keyboard in this online course.


How to play chords on the Dodeka keyboard?

Learn how to play piano chords quickly and easily with Dodeka music and innovative keyboard design.


How to play guitar with Dodeka music notation?

Learn how to play the guitar with Dodeka music and its innovative guitar tablatures.


How to play the flute with Dodeka music?

Learn how simple it is to play the flute with Dodeka sheet music and alternative music notation.


How to play Dodeka sheet music on conventional pianos?

Discover how you can read and play Dodeka scores on conventional pianos with this tiny hack.

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