Dodeka Music - Sneak Peek at our New Piano App

Posted on July 21, 2017

Our first ever App is coming soon! So, we thought you’d like a sneak peek of what will be in the App.

Imagine the first ever Dodeka digital piano. 17-keys keyboard with 8 popular songs to choose from. Automatic sheet scrolling together with quality audio and minimalistic design. Well, that’s pretty much our App.

Here are some screenshots to give you a good sense of the user interface and app functionalities.


Songs included in the App are: Rain, Rain Go Away - Au Clair de la Lune - Happy Birthday (easy version) - Baa, Baa Black Sheep - Kumbayah - Waltz - Amazing Grace - Ode to Joy.


Soon on the App Store. Available in English, French, German, and Italian. For iPads only.

Do you like what you are seeing? Be one of the few lucky beta testers by signing up here.

We'd love to get your feedback!

Update: October 2017

Our music app is finally out. It's called Dodeka Music and is available on the App Store for free in 4 languages. So, no more excuses. Click here, install it on your iPad and start making great music today!

To your musical success!

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