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Sheet music reinvented

Imagine a place, where you can access all the sheet music ever written. The all package from Mozart to the latest Ed Sheeran. Imagine sheet music that everyone can read and play. Yes everyone, including you. And without having to spend weeks on music theory. Imagine playing your favourite songs anytime and everywhere! Wouldn't that be great?

There's no need to stretch your imagination further because that is what Dodeka Music Library is all about.

A digital library of easy-to-read sheet music for a new generation of music players who wants to play music - not to learn it.

Easy-to-read sheet music

Learn how to play your favourite songs quickly with our simple and intuitive music notation. Learn the basics in minutes and start to play straight away.

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What's in it for you?

Whether you are a musician who never really learned music theory or a beginner who'd like to start playing music, our user-friendly library and intuitive sheet music are the perfect tools. You can discover, share and play your favourite songs - all of that with very few efforts and right in your browser.

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Our project

We invented an easier and more intuitive music notation. Now, our work is to translate as many musical sheets as possible. Our objective? To create a huge library of Dodeka sheet music, with the bigger aim of making music more accessible to everyone.

About Dodeka

Dodeka is new and intuitive ways to learn, play and make music. Dodeka is for everyone and for every instrument.

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