Dodeka Music Update 1.1 is now available

Posted on May 23, 2018

We are thrilled to announce that the latest version of our iPad app - Dodeka Music 1.1 - is now live. We made couple of changes and improvements to make your learning musical journey as seamless, intuitive and colourful as possible.

Among other things, we created a brand new on-boarding section (when the app opens for the first time) and added 3 exclusive songs, including Merry Christmas, Brother John (Frère Jacques) and Alouette. Basically, three easy songs that everyone should know how to play.

Update your app today and start exploring new musical possibilities.

What's new in version 1.1?

  • 3 new and exclusive scores
  • brand new on-boarding section
  • supplemental resources in help page
  • up-to-date content
  • additional learning material
  • minor improvements on stability and performance

** We are currently working on the Dodeka Music Library project, which seeks to translate as many sheet music as possible into the Dodeka notation. Check out our progress and get early access to the first ever Dodeka music library. **

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