Getting To Know The Dodeka Isomorphic Keyboard

Learn the basics and fundamentals to master your keyboard faster


Hello and welcome to the Dodeka Youtube channel,

The Dodeka keyboard is basically a piano keyboard without black and white keys. But still with keys!

SCALES: A piano course often starts by learning the C major scale and its fingering. When we want to transpose the key we have to change our fingers' positions and remember which black key to press – that’s definitely not obvious.

By contrast, on the Dodeka Keyboard Design we can play every major and minor scales with the same fingering. No need to remember the black keys.

CHORDS: On conventional pianos, every time we want to change a chord tonality we have to adjust our fingers.

With Dodeka, we can keep the same fingering for all the chords of the same kind.

GLISSANDO: On conventional pianos, when we want to do a glissando we have to press on both white and black keys at the same time. But it’s note quite simple to take both rows of keys at the same time.

With Dodeka, we can easily do a perfect glissando.

In this course, we will discover the amazing world of Dodeka.


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Key takeaways

  • The Dodeka Keyboard Design is a linear piano layout where all keys are set at the same level in a straight fashion. No more upper or lower keys.

  • With this linear keyboard, we play scales and chords of the same kind by keeping the same fingering.

  • Overall, learning and playing chords, scales and glissando is easier with Dodeka.

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