Learn to play the Dodeka keyboard

Getting started with Dodeka music notation

Here you'll find all the tips, techniques and material to learn to play the Dodeka keyboard with the Dodeka music notation in a quick and easy way. Learn everything you need to master your Dodeka keyboard and become a great keyboardist.

Getting started

Play the Dodeka keyboard

Get familiar with the Dodeka keyboard layout and discover how this musical instrument works. Explore the fundamentals of this innovative piano and learn how to read and play Dodeka sheet music on this new keyboard.

Lessons & exercices

Simple lessons for the Dodeka keyboard

Learn how to master your Dodeka keyboard with a series of tailored exercises. Enhance your musical and piano knowledge with simple lessons.

Online sheet music for keyboard

Play more songs you like

Browse and play a large selection of sheet music and scores for the Dodeka keyboard on Dodeka Play web-based sheet music platform. Free sign ups.

Piano chords

Play piano chords on the Dodeka keyboard

In this section, you'll discover how to read and play piano chords on the Dodeka keyboard, as well as practice all main piano chords and progressions.

Piano scales & modes

Learn how to play scales and modes on the Dodeka keyboard

Learn and practice your piano scales in this interactive section. All main scales (major, minor, augmented, etc.) with extensive illustrations including notes and fingerings for the Dodeka keyboard.

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Dodeka music book (e-book & paperback)

Find out more about the Dodeka innovative and intuitive musical approach in this 90-page book.


Dodeka keyboard chords chart (pdf)

Learn how to play all major and minor chords on the Dodeka keyboard with this chart


soundZoom - microtonal keyboard

Explore the fantastic world of micro tonalities with the Dodeka isomorphic keyboard layout.

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