Getting started - learning to play the flute

Here you will discover how to quickly read and play classical sheet music, as well as tabs on guitar thanks to Dodeka innovative music notation and tablature.

1. Flute for beginners

Learning how to play the flute is usually quite simple. With Dodeka Music it is even simpler.

Thanks to Dodeka alternative music notation that removes flat and sharp symbols on the score, you can easily read your score and play the flute at the same time.


Getting familiar with how the flute works

2. How to play flute with Dodeka music notation

To play a note on a flute you position your fingers in a specific way on the small holes. For So with Dodeka Music, as you don't have flat and/or sharp anymore, you can simply learn all the twelve different fingerings (position of your finger on the flute).

The below picture shows all the twelve fingerings with the corresponding note on the Dodeka notation. Download the pdf version


Reading notes on the flute

If you want more information on how to play the flute with Dodeka Music, please reach out to us.

3. Resources to go further

Here's a list of some resource to go further with the flute and Dodeka music notation.

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