Getting started - learning to play the guitar

Ever wanted to know how to play the guitar? This place is made for you. Here you will discover how to quickly read and play classical sheet music, as well as tabs on guitar thanks to Dodeka innovative music notation and tablature.

1. Dodeka tab: a new kind of tablature

We all know that learning to read and play notes on guitar with conventional sheet music is quite hard… This is why many musicians and guitarists learn to play guitar by only using tabs, or tablatures. They basically learn where to put their fingers on the strings to produce the right sound or note.

Yet, with tabs guitarists may play music without really knowing what notes they play. As a result, it’s quite difficult for them to play and reproduce melodic parts as we may found on classical pieces.

But what if it didn't have to be that way? What if it was possible to play tabs and know what notes we play at the same time? That's exactly what we invented at Dodeka Music:
the Dodeka tabs. New tabs that allow everyone to play chords while knowing the exact note he or she plays.

Let us explain how it works.

2. How to play guitar with Dodeka music notation

The Dodeka Tabs add a new dimension to tabs. What’s on a tab now connects with what’s on the notation. The 4 lines of the Dodeka music notation are visually indicated through coloured boxes. This is basically the same principle as what you find on the Dodeka keyboard design. (For more information on this principle, please visit the Dodeka keyboard page).


Dodeka tablature - explanations

So now with these visual cues, not only can you very easily know the value/pitch of these four notes (i.e. C / E / P / E), but you can also deduce the pitches of the other notes by looking at their position compared to the 4 marks. You basically check whether the notes are above, below or between these marks. This is the exact same principle as what you've got on the Dodeka keyboard.


How to read Dodeka's new tablature

2.1 Powerful and easy-to-play guitars

To make the note recognition process even simpler, it is also possible to add visual cues on the guitar fretboard. For that we offer a set of stickers that you can paste on your guitar. Simultaneously, we are also planning to offer quality guitars that will come with these marks in the coming future.

If you are interested by either the DIY-kit or the guitar, please
reach out to us. We would be happy to give you some more information about them.

3. Examples of Dodeka Tabs

Here is a chart of some chords in Dodeka tabs. A pdf version is available for download at the bottom of the page.


Some Dodeka chords tabs

4. Resources to go further

Here's a few resources to help you practice your newly-acquired knowledge and build up your guitarist skills:

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